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» The FBI and KGB
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The FBI and KGB

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The FBI and KGB Empty The FBI and KGB

Post  Prole on Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:45 am

Upon the introduction of syndicates into the pardus universes, the FBI was faced with a difficult decision. Would be be disclosed (and as such limit our drug economies) or go veiled ( furthering our drug production and combat effectiveness). After much debate it was decided ultimately that FBI would be disclosed, while A handful of bunnies would go dark. Among these bunnies were those who would eventually go into the feared Shadow Syndicate, renowned for its cold-bloodedness and criminal ways.

There were fears this split could be the end of Bunnydom, a seperation of paths leading to very uncertain futures. However these fears were unfounded, as throughout our history FBI has stood strong. Captain Cool and very few bunnies joined the splinter offshoot. What would be the new group's name? What would stand in a stark contrast to the FBI? We were killers, we tread the line between good and evil, but above all we were bunnies, and so the Killer Gray Bunnies were formed. Gradually other bunnies joined our small, tightly-knit shadow cell- where outlaws happily discuss and compare missions, where valiant heroes boast of pirate kills, and where both light and dark mingle.

The KGB has aided the Bunnynation by providing services ranging from building demolitions (as the rep loss aids some on their invitation to the Shadow Syndicate), by capturing wayward SBs (Where the rep loss would cause some of the whiter bunnies to lose what they worked for), and by providing a fighting force capable of dirty tricks inconceivable to more "ethically inclined" individuals.

The Bunny Nation leadership has effectively developed two hands, each one equipped with different tools for the tasks we face- not as two allliances, not as two groups, not as one group of individuals, but as a Bunny Nation.

We are not evil, we are not pirates, we are those who know even the keepers of the torch of prosperity must sometimes stand in the shadows it casts.


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